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Candidate Sourcing and Screening

At Zentar we ensure that all our candidates are fully vetted and undergo an internal audit to meet the NHS Employment Checking Standard and framework guidelines prior to and throughout their employment.

Regular internal and external audit checks are conducted by the compliance team to ensure all files are kept up to date with new compliance guidelines.

At Zentar we can adapt our compliance requirements to incorporate any additional requirements to meet your needs.

Our Compliance Process

Our compliance process consists of six key steps. Please click through on the slider below to see each step in greater detail. 

1. Identity
Passport, EU photocard, driving license, biometric residence card, HM forces ID card with PASS accreditation logo and proof of address.
2. Right to Work
Document or combination of documents as detailed within List A or List B as specified by the Home Office.
3. Professional Registration & Qualifications
Confirm actively registered with regulatory body, revalidation up to date (if applicable), no restrictions and fit to practice/not being investigated. Achieved applicable IELTS/OET score. Statuatory, mandatory and clinical/care core training & refreshers in place.
4. Employment History & References
Where employed/studied dates of employment/study, position held/course name, disciplinary action or referrals. 3 years continouous employment/training references with no gaps or gaps explored/evidence.
5. Criminal Record & Barring
Enhanced DBS check with barred list information completed (or AccessNi/PVG equivalent) before assignment and rechecked annually for candidates using DBS update service, verify original certificate and conduct online status check.
6. Work Health Assessments
Health screening conducted by OH service accredited to SEQOHS standards and current health clearance & immunisations relevant to duties.

Want to know more about our compliance process?

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